[Doggiebox-announce] Zygoat releases Doggiebox 1.1

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Tue Mar 16 02:18:14 EST 2004


16 March 2004 (Ottawa, ON CA) -- Zygoat Creative Technical Services is
pleased to announce the immediate availability of Doggiebox 1.1, an
update to our acclaimed percussion sequencing software for Mac OS X.

Version 1.1 introduces a number of significant improvements and new
features, including:

- A much improved section and playlist model, providing for more
efficient and flexible structuring of songs.
- Several usability improvements, including redesigned layout of the song
editor, more undoable functions, and programmable keyboard shortcuts for
selecting drums.
- Simplified some Preferences options.
- Other miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Doggiebox is available for immediate online purchase at USD$39 (regularly
USD$49).  Updates from previous versions are free for all current users.
 A functional evaluation version is available for free download at <http:


Zygoat Doggiebox is a versatile percussion sequencer (drum machine
application) for Mac OS X.  Using Doggiebox, you can create realistic-
sounding drum tracks in minutes, ranging from the style of a human
drummer on a full kit to imaginatively bizarre experimental pieces.  

Whether you want to produce a demo without taking the time to set up and
record real drums or just need a click track for recording guitar,
Doggiebox is the perfect tool to fill the gap.  With Doggiebox, you can:

- Create and modify drum tracks of unlimited length using a flexible yet
intuitive interface 
- Edit intricate rhythms with ease
- Specify tempo and time signature changes (including compound time) over
arbitrary bars
- Play back a song using different drum kits, via automated instrument
- Create and modify your own drum kits, from the sounds they produce to
the icons used within the program
- Define, arrange and re-use song sections, such as verses and choruses,
for easy navigation and management 
- Export your creations to AIFF or WAV (or any of a dozen formats) for
use in other audio applications like GarageBand or ProTools

Included with the Doggiebox distribution is a full user's guide, and
additional resources (including an online library of drum kits and song
files) are available on the Doggiebox web site at <http://
www.doggiebox.com>.  Users are encouraged to join the e-mail discussion
list to connect with other users and stay updated on news and subsequent

Doggiebox is aimed at guitar players, home recording and low-end studio
folk alike, and requires Mac OS 10.2 or newer (10.3 is strongly recommended).


Zygoat Creative Technical Services is a computing and communications
consulting company based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, whose emerging focus
is on unique and powerful software for Mac OS X creative professionals
and hobbyists. 

We believe that the Mac should remain the platform of choice for
recording and post-production among computer-using musicians, big and
small.  Our goal is to bring to the end user more such tools that are
also fun to use.

In addition to Mac OS X software development, Zygoat provides web
hosting, programming, and database development services to small
businesses and individuals around the world.  Visit our web site at
<http://www.zygoat.ca> for more information.


Doggiebox product home page: <http://www.doggiebox.com>
Zygoat Creative main web site: <http://www.zygoat.ca>
Contact person: Ben Kennedy, chief magician
Telephone: +1 (613) 228 3392
E-mail: info at zygoat.ca


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