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Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Tue Dec 3 14:20:19 EST 2002

On 02.12.2002 at 9:26 pm -0500, Gavin and Danica MacNeil wrote:

>When sliding off the button it maintains the pulled/pushed tempo.  When 
>simply pressing the button it only momentarily changes it.

Hmm, true, I see what you mean (if this is what you meant originally, I
think I mis-understood you the first time).  That's actually kind of a
bug, though it's probably not worth working around.  This way you have
extra control depending if you want it to be a temporary change or not :)

>Is it 7% percent of the BPM?
>IE: If BPM=120 then pull 7% BPM , BPM then = 128.4?

Essentially, except you've got it backwards I think -- pulling slows
down, so it would become 111.6.

>If so, why not display both the percentage and the end resulting BPM?

Well, the tempo will potentially vary from bar to bar, so where would the
"current" bpm be displayed?  I think it might be confusing to have it
jump around during playback.

>How was your trip?

Amazing... not long enough... spent 3 days in manhattan and hardly saw
anything (relatively speaking).  I want to go back! :)


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