Doggiebox 1A5, with full export support!

Ben Kennedy ben at
Mon Dec 16 02:44:58 EST 2002

Greetings all,

Build 1A5 is up!

As mentioned earlier this week on the list, there are a couple of bug
fixes regarding drum precedence (hi hats now close where they should),
plus a problem with saving drum kits that would trash all the drum icons.

The biggest news for this release though is that export-to-AIFF (and in
fact, about a dozen other file formats too) is now a reality, so you can
start using your beats in other apps like ProTools and whatnot!  Woo hoo!

As usual, please report any strangeness, weird behaviour, bugs, etc. 
Much of the underlying rendering code has changed since the last release.

Also, I've compressed the archive with DropStuff 7.0, which seems to have
yielded about a 10% file size reduction.  I hope that isn't indicative of
a file which is incompatible with older versions of StuffitExpander.  If
you have problems with the archive, please let me know.



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