Doggiebox 1A5

zenbubblegum (jonathan wilson) jonathan at
Mon Dec 16 15:50:37 EST 2002

AIFF (etc) export in 1A5 is great news - just what I've been waiting for.

A couple of other things have occurred to me when using DB lately:

Someone else on this list recently very kindly offered to convert their AKAI
files to DB format and put an example TR-707 kit on their website for
download. I got hold of the kit and it sounds great - if that person wants
to do a load more, as they suggested they might, I'd be more than happy to
get my paws on them. Thanks a lot for the 707!

The only trouble is I can't see my drum "hits" in the DB window using the
707 kit - is there a way round this? With the Premier and Voice kits I can
see the pattern, but not with "external" kits.

Also, I don't know if this is already possible, but if a default setup could
open when I launch the program that would be perfect. What I mean is if
there was a preference for automatically opening a new song with 4 bars, or
8 bars, or 16 bars, or whatever. It'd save having to open the Insert Bars
dialogue window every time. If this is already possible, sorry - ignore

Otherwise, Doggiebox is shaping up very nicely indeed. Good stuff!

Jonathan Wilson

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