Some things I like to see

ellem ellem at
Fri Jul 12 21:27:06 EDT 2002

Great, great, great product.  I love this thing!

I wish I could play back sections, for when I make changes or want to 
hear what I've just put down.  I usually have two editors open so that I 
can copy and paste but that is a little clunky.

I wish there was a playback indicator, a line or something.

Finally I wish that there was a way to express two sticks on one drum 
for volume and tempo.  Two sticks on a floor tom sound different than 
one and I can't seem to make a decent drum roll _or_ a high hat run like 
"Run To The Hills"

Also I seem to need to do everything in 12/8 which is a little weird, or 
maybe I'm avant garde, tough to say:)

Again awesome product.
Lou Moran

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