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Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Sat Jul 13 01:46:41 EDT 2002

On 12,07,02 at 8:27 pm -0400, ellem wrote:

>I wish I could play back sections, for when I make changes or want to 
>hear what I've just put down.  I usually have two editors open so that I 
>can copy and paste but that is a little clunky.

You mean like if you hold the Option key and click on the Play Song
button that will automagically become Play Selection?  :)  (or if you
really do mean sections, like in teh section list... you can always
double-click the section in the list, then Play Selection).   However,
adding a Play option to the section marker functions is a good idea.

>I wish there was a playback indicator, a line or something.

Yes, coming.  :)  Priority lately has been reworking the audio
substructure to facilitate stereo playback and AIFF export.  But a
playback indicator will be in the next build, unless I forget in the mean

>Finally I wish that there was a way to express two sticks on one drum 
>for volume and tempo.  Two sticks on a floor tom sound different than 
>one and I can't seem to make a decent drum roll _or_ a high hat run like 
>"Run To The Hills"

True... I wonder how this would be done, and effected within the program.
 In one of the demo kits, I was going to supply some double-snare stuff
and whatnot, but I guess that didn't make it in to the examples yet.

>Also I seem to need to do everything in 12/8 which is a little weird, or 
>maybe I'm avant garde, tough to say:)

I know what you mean... I've found that a little bit myself... although I
have to admit I've probably spent no more than an hour and a half
actually USING the program yet; all effort has been on development...
soon I hope to be able to step back and try the darn thing out myself...
:)  I want to come up with some unconventional (read: new and versatile)
ways of expressing sub-rhythms, or 'rhythmlettes' or something shall we
say, to facilitate doing things like triplet fills (and such) without
need to specify a 3-based time signature all the time.  hmm.

>Again awesome product.

Thanks.  :)


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