Insert more bars?

Gavin and Danica MacNeil gavdan at
Tue Nov 5 15:20:28 EST 2002

Hi Ben,
I had a song that was 102 bars long (accidentally inserted several using 
the insert bars again command) it had 3 different time changes in it.
I was frustrated with the fact that I did have 102 bars (too long) so I 
decided to select all and clear everything....
Now working in the same song, now empty, I try to Insert Bars (32 bars 
of 2/4 at 300bpm) and they don't show up in the display.

I tried to recreate this (I wasn't taking notes):
New song: Inserted 32 bars of 2/4 @320 bpm.  Put a variety of drums in 
all over the place.  Tried to section the piece into various sections: 1 
to 32, 3 to 32 and 32 to 17.  (I find this feature hard to use).  I 
played the song a couple times through, pulled the master tempo to 136%, 
looped playback and then tried to insert more bars. 32 bars of 2/4 @300 
bpm, got nothing.  Tried the insert more bars again and got nothing.  I 
then selected all the bars and cleared everything 'song is empty'.  
Again tried to insert more bars and got nothing.

Hmm, I am using 10.1.5 (hoping that Jaguar is in my mailbox) with 1A3. 
Oh yeah with your voice drums.

I have never really tested software before, so I hope this stands as an 
ok bug report..

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