Doggie box 1A3 bug

Ben Kennedy ben at
Tue Nov 5 16:36:37 EST 2002

On 30,10,02 at 11:03 am -0500, Tom Christy wrote:

>The new alpha's notes indicate that you have fixed bugs in 3/8 and 5/8 time.
>However, 7/8 still doesn't work.
>If I enter 7/8 as the time signature, it now _displays_ the measures
>properly, with 7 divisions. However, when I play the music, it plays it in
>3/8 and doubles up the beats at the end.


Thanks for the report.

There is a bug in 1A3 where the very last beat in the playback (if
playing the whole song, or in the selection, if playing just the
selection) does not get the proper duration -- it effectively trips over
itself immediately when looping back to the beginning.  This will be
fixed in the next build.  I'm assuming that's what you're hearing with
the doubling-up at the end.

Can you describe in more detail what you mean by it playing in 3/8?  I've
just created a test song, with two consecutive bars in 7/8 (a la NIN
march of the pigs), and it plays back as I would expect -- definitely got
the 7 thing going on.


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