Doggiebox gives me a persistent buzz.

J. Musick josh at
Sat Nov 9 19:12:05 EST 2002


All puns aside, I like this program a lot. Thanks for developing it.

I'm new to the list so I apologize if any of these issues have already been
raised/addressed. Here we go:

1. There is a buzz during the playback of certain drum sounds. This happened
particularly badly when I made my own kit and previewed the sounds. I
actually had to quit the program to get the buzz to stop. Related to this
issue, are there guidelines to making drum sounds that I don't know about?

2. Will Doggiebox ever ship with default drum icons? I made a kit assuming
they'd be in there. I was wrong and consequently couldn't see where I was
putting my drums.

3. Will there ever be channel soloing and or muting? This isn't a big
priority right now, I was just curious.

I'm also using version 1A3.

That's all for now. Thanks very much.

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