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Ben Kennedy ben at
Tue Oct 22 18:01:22 EDT 2002

On 11,10,02 at 11:07 pm -0400, Joe Chellman wrote:

>So, I downloaded it again and gave it another try.  It seems to slow 
>down as the number of notes increases.  The blue background tracks 
>pretty well, though.  It's not perfect, but it's pretty good.
>If I make two bars of 4/4 and expand them to hold 16 sixteenth notes 
>each, and fill each measure up with hihat notes, everything else slows 
>down noticably.  It doesn't start slow, but it does get noticably 
>slower the more notes I put in.

Hi Joe,

Good news... I've spent the last couple of days optimizing the pattern
editor display mechanisms, and I've been able to make some *major*
improvements to the responsiveness of the UI.  In essence, it's about to
the point where scrolling, tracking and clicking will be immediate, and
no longer influenced by the complexity of the score.

Stay tuned for the next build, hopefully within the next couple of days.

Also coming are improved time signature support and more refined tempo
control; right now I'm working on a playback indicator, which I can't put
off any longer!

Thanks for your observations, it's been a great help.


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