Memory leak?

Ben Kennedy ben at
Wed Oct 23 19:51:42 EDT 2002

Hi all,

I've discovered a rather serious memory leak in DB that seems to occur
whenever a drum icon is rendered -- be it the display refreshing, or the
cursor changing.  I see this phenomenon even with build 1A1, running on
OS 10.2.

What I would like to know is whether any of you using 10.1 (not 10.2)
also can reproduce this; in other words, I want to determine whether this
is a bug related to 10.2, or a problem with my own code.

Here's how to test:

1. open a Terminal window, and type "top" (press return).  This will
display a list of running processes, and various statistics, in the
window, and will refresh periodically (every few seconds).

2. launch Doggiebox, and open a song that contains at least one bar.

3. position the song window such that you are able to see the Terminal
window at the same time.

4. keep your eye on the number beside Doggiebox (which should now be
listed in the "top" display) under the right-most column labeled "VSIZE".

5. click around in the doggiebox window, adding and deleting drums. 
Press and release the command key repeatedly to switch the cursor between
drum icons.

I find that consistently as I do this, the VSIZE keeps increasing.  In
fact, just switching between apps (sending Doggiebox to the background
and vice versa) seems to leak several MB.

Does this happen under 10.1?  can anyone else NOT reproduce this?



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