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Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Mon Sep 16 12:48:41 EDT 2002

On 15.09.2002 at 2:46 pm -0400, J. Compere wrote:

>...you've probably already heard this, but DB seems to work just fine in
>10.1.5 -- one nagging question (for me) remains -- one thing I really want
>to do is import my own sound fragments to DB, but... I can't figure out how
>to do that -- the manual has an "edit sound" section, but it doesn't quite
>say how -- sorry to be so dense, but are there possibly instructions posted
>somewhere on how to do this? Thanks for a great program -- jack

Hi Jack,

No, there are no good instructions available yet. :/  (Still haven't
written that part of the manual).  Here is a brief run-down, which maybe
someone else on the mailing list can supplement:

- start by creating a new drum kit; I'd suggest duplicating "ben's
premier kit.dbkit" in the finder, renaming it to something new ("jack's
drums.dbkit"), then Open that file in Doggiebox.
- you'll see a "drum kit editor" document window (not the same as the
song editor that you are already familiar with).
- choose an existing drum variant from the scrolling list, then use the
controls under "instrument details" to select a new sound, rename it,
choose the icon, etc.
- to add a new sound to the kit, click "add new drum", then do the same.

Crash course, hopefully will point you in the right direction...?  :)


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