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On 06 4 2003 at 10:17 am -0400, Mike Carlyle wrote:

>When drums are placed on the same "level", shouldn't they interact with 
>one another in the way that your hihat open/close sounds do? I've place 
>a new foot pedal sound in the kit in the fourth spot, and the foot 
>pedal sound does not close the hihat as I expected it would. Is there 
>something I'm missing? Do the sounds contain information that I am 
>overlooking which helps them interact with others in the kit?

Hi Mike,

Actually, it's currently a bit of a hack.  I described the following in
the 1A5 release notes (which I now realise isn't included in the current
distribution anywhere, oops...):

>- In the near future when the drum kit file format is improved it will be
>possible to specify exactly which drum sounds should take precedence over
>others. For now, drum sounds will take precedence over one another during
>these two hard-coded conditions:  a) the drums in question are hi-hats
>(where the drum type name is "hi hat"), or b) the drums are of the same
>type and one is muted (where the drum variant name contains the word
>"muted").  If you are using only the supplied drum kits, and not creating
>your own, this information is not pertinent to you.

However, having said that and testing your example, compared with the
code, I notice the above is slightly inaccurate: just having "hi hat" in
the name isn't enough; currently only "hi hat" of variant "closed" shuts
off the sound.  However, what it says about "muted" is correct.

So, for the time being, you can achieve the required effect by renaming
"foot pedal" to something like "pedal muted" -- as long as the word
"muted" is in there.

It's an ugly hack, and I'll try to fix this ASAP (e.g. by including a
checkbox in the kit editor to specify this, instead of relying on the
name hack).  I'm glad you brought this to my attention again. :)

Does this make sense?

>You've made some amazing progress lately. Thanks again.

Glad you appreciate :)  Thanks for the feedback!


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