[doggiebox] MIDI import? (was Re: Is there a posted wish list?)

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Mon Apr 7 19:35:07 EDT 2003

On 07 4 2003 at 6:26 am -0400, Carl Edlund Anderson wrote:

>I've been lurking on the list a while, reading others' comments, and wanted 
>to ask about a feature or two that I don't recall seeing before. First, I 
>want to say that Doggiebox really looks like its going places, and its 
>continuing evolution is one of the main reasons (besides destitution ;) 
>that I've held off on buying a "hardware" drum machine :)

Hey Carl,

Thanks for lurking and posting... if we can supplant a piece of expensive
cumbersome hardware, then we must be going places ;)

>Idea 1: import from MIDI file.
>[...]  Anyway, one can do this in MIDI editors like Harmony/Melody 
>Assistant, but it would be _great_ if I could import percussion parts from 
>MIDI files into Doggiebox and edit them there because, frankly, Doggiebox 
>has an easier to use interface IMO :)

This is not entirely out of the question... along with CoreAudio (the
main raw audio input/output subsystem), Mac OS X also provides CoreMIDI,
a midi-oriented kit for much this purpose.  So the tools are available to
make this happen.  The main bottleneck at this point is my personal lack
of experience with MIDI (not to mention CoreMIDI which I will have to
research).  I would really like to get some MIDI stuff happening, though.
 So my take on this: definitely on the list!

>Idea 2: slave to MIDI Time Code
>Another thing I think would be very cool, which kinda falls into the 
>forthcoming feature concept "integration with other audio recording and 
>composition tools", would be if it were possible to leverage Mac OS X MIDI 
>services so that I could slave Doggiebox on my Mac to MIDI Time Code coming 
>from my external hard-disk recording module.

Same deal: this shouldn't be too hard to do, but then again, I don't have
much experience with MIDI!  Good idea though, and I will keep you all
posted once I start to get up to speed.

Realistically, I think MIDI will come in priority after a few other
things which have already been mentioned -- better song layout control,
dynamics, etc.  Actually, maybe I should put together a poll on what
features people think should take priority.  what do you all think?


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