[Doggiebox] Re: multiple kits in a song? and new selection methods?

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Sun Aug 3 19:28:43 EDT 2003

On 01,08,03 at 12:26 pm -0400, Carl Edlund Anderson wrote:

>Would it be possible to have some way of selecting "horizontally"?  (For 
>example, selecting to copy the bass drum pattern from the lowest line in 
>the editor, but leave all the rest of the higher lines alone?  Similarly, 
>would it be possible to introduce a means of selecting "vertically" within 
>a bar (i.e. selecting everything in the 3rd and 4th beats of a 4/4 measure, 
>but leaving the first two beats alone?)?

These are both good ideas, and I know other people have hinted at the use
for the same kind of thing as well.  The big question is, how to
implement the UI in a manner that provides that flexibility without
adding to confusion for newbie users?

I am almost inclined to scrap the current mode whereby you have to press
Cmd in order to have context-sensitive drum selection, and make that the
default behaviour.  Is there anyone on this list who does NOT use this,
and instead prefers to mouse back and forth to the drum list each time to
choose a new drum?

I originally designed it to make the functioning simple and obvious for
new users, thinking that they would become confused to see the mouse
cursor change as they moved over the patterns vertically.  However, I
suspect that after using the app for a few minutes, the intended use
becomes natural.  Is this true?

If we were to go this route (making context-sensitive the principal
mode), then Cmd could become the method used to select individual regions
within the patterns (as one might more naturally expect anyway, à la
Finder icon selection).


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