[Doggiebox] Velocity control

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Tue Aug 5 16:16:25 EDT 2003

On 05 8 2003 at 10:19 am -0400, Carl Anderson wrote:

>>more control over dynamics: individual velocity adjustments per drum and 
>>per bar.
>Though does this imply one would be able to accent an individual drum hit 
>(e.g. put a little extra force on that first note of the triplet, or the 
>kick drum on the downbeat)??

Yep, exactly that's the idea in mind.

>That would be excellent, since at present I 
>can think of no way to accomplish that except by having a second, 
>"accented" sample for each kind of drum in the drum kit pallete.  Or is a 
>second, higher velocity sample, the only way to effect that?

Right now, that's the only (and best) way to achieve that.  However, as
mentioned earlier, Mike has already put together an ns_kit which does
exactly that (he's shown me some results with it, and it sounds
amazing!).  I did write to the ns_kit guy again a couple of days ago, so
as soon as I get his go-ahead we'll post that dbkit online for all.

> If so, would 
>it make sense to build higher velocity, accented samples into the drum 
>kits, but then access those sounds in the Doggiebox UI by simply 
>designating a given hit as "accented" (and Doggiebox would know "behind the 
>scenes" to use the second, higher velocity sample on that hit)??  How would 
>this sort of thing work?

Yeah, that's also what I had in mind as a sort of bridging of these two
concepts.  What I plan to do is make the drum "variants" available
through a right-click menu in the grid, removing the need to keep
trucking back to the palette just to change type or velocity.


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