[Doggiebox] Velocity/variant control

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Wed Aug 6 14:53:55 EDT 2003

At 20:16 05-08-03, Ben Kennedy wrote:
>Yeah, that's also what I had in mind as a sort of bridging of these two
>concepts.  What I plan to do is make the drum "variants" available
>through a right-click menu in the grid, removing the need to keep
>trucking back to the palette just to change type or velocity.

That would be very handy indeed.  I've been playing with various kinds of 
"ethnic" percussion ideas, and hand drum stuff is full (unsurprisingly) of 
variations for a single drum type -- open, slap, mute, accented versions of 
those three, etc. etc. etc. -- and being able to pick a variation with a 
right-click on the grid would save considerable mouse-trekking :)


Carl Edlund Anderson
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