[Doggiebox] how do you make the drums mute each other?

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Fri Dec 5 18:16:04 EST 2003

On 03 12 2003 at 10:08 pm -0500, travis wrote:

>LIke when you have an open hihat followed by a closed hihat?
>sometimes it does it and some times it doesn't. 

Good question.  I'm glad you raised this, because this is something that
needs to be improved.  There is currently a sly work-around, hidden in
the 1A5 release notes dating back almost a full year ago.  I thought this
made it into the documentation but it looks like it never did:

>- In the near future when the drum kit file format is improved it will be
>possible to specify exactly which drum sounds should take precedence over
>others. For now, drum sounds will take precedence over one another during
>these two hard-coded conditions:  a) the drums in question are hi-hats
>(where the drum type name is "hi hat"), or b) the drums are of the same
>type and one is muted (where the drum variant name contains the word
>"muted").  If you are using only the supplied drum kits, and not creating
>your own, this information is not pertinent to you.

So, what you can do today is still the same -- if you have a "red crash
(foo)" followed by a "red crash (muted)", the latter will supersede the

I'll add this to the gotta-fix list however.  A proper checkbox in the
kit editor would be in order.


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