[Doggiebox] Charlie Needle's Tunes

Mathieu Lucas mathieu.lucas at pi.be
Mon Dec 15 17:11:49 EST 2003

Hi Charlie,
The M-box looks great (it has the same features as the Tascam, with the 
Pro Tools software added, wich is great.

Some comment on your songs.
1. Love is blind.
- The drum's still a little bit too loud... I do agree with an earlier 
comment : too much cymballs. A real life drummer would never put that 
much accents on the cymbals. I downloaded your .dbsong-file, and I 
think you've deleted some cymbals, but didn't update your mix with the 
new version. You should try it.
- And the voice the voice too much in the back ground. I believe in a 
popsong your voice is the main instrument, this should sound the 
brightest and most in front.  Maybe if you just lower the volume of the 
drum, your voice will come more in front. Though, when I listen through 
a headphone, it sounds better. (you know, I make a mix in my 
headphones, on my stereo, my built in speakers on the G4 and my littel 
portable radio. If the balance is ok on all of then, then there's a big 
change it also will be ok with someone else. This works fine since I 
don't have any expensive studio monitors.)
- But generaly it sounds much better then the first time. Did you do 
some EQ on the final mix?
- Canadian Whisky?

2. A nice 60's song with a psychedellic break. I also used the 
handclaps right away when the chief magician added them (in 'don't sing 
at work', I was so enthousiast I'm afraid I overdone it a bit). Same 
remarks : try putting the drums a bit more to the background and your 
singing will come more in front (nice backing vocals - how did you make 
them so 'light'?)

Keep up the good work!

www.thirdson.tk - new song : "The Earth Turns Around"

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