[Doggiebox] Charlie Needle's Tunes

Charlie Needle puffin at iinet.net.au
Wed Dec 17 08:44:56 EST 2003

On Tuesday, December 16, 2003, at 06:11  AM, Mathieu Lucas wrote:

> Hi Charlie,
> The M-box looks great (it has the same features as the Tascam, with 
> the Pro Tools software added, wich is great.
> Some comment on your songs.
> 1. Love is blind.
> - The drum's still a little bit too loud... I do agree with an earlier 
> comment : too much cymballs. A real life drummer would never put that 
> much accents on the cymbals. I downloaded your .dbsong-file, and I 
> think you've deleted some cymbals, but didn't update your mix with the 
> new version. You should try it.

D'oh    of course you're right - I just looked at it - I have the new 
drum session sitting unused in the mix.( I wonder if Butch Vig has 
these problems)   I've decided I'm either drinking too much or not 

> - And the voice the voice too much in the back ground. I believe in a 
> popsong your voice is the main instrument, this should sound the 
> brightest and most in front.  Maybe if you just lower the volume of 
> the drum, your voice will come more in front. Though, when I listen 
> through a headphone, it sounds better. (you know, I make a mix in my 
> headphones, on my stereo, my built in speakers on the G4 and my littel 
> portable radio. If the balance is ok on all of then, then there's a 
> big change it also will be ok with someone else. This works fine since 
> I don't have any expensive studio monitors.)
> - But generaly it sounds much better then the first time. Did you do 
> some EQ on the final mix?
> - Canadian Whisky?

Good idea - I tend to get the mix OK on the iMac and let it rip from 
there - I'll take some extra steps - a bit of EQ on the individual 
tracks but none on the overall mix

> 2. A nice 60's song with a psychedellic break. I also used the 
> handclaps right away when the chief magician added them (in 'don't 
> sing at work', I was so enthousiast I'm afraid I overdone it a bit). 
> Same remarks : try putting the drums a bit more to the background and 
> your singing will come more in front (nice backing vocals - how did 
> you make them so 'light'?)

Thanks - I over do the claps as well, but they're so cool...who can 
help it.... the backing vocals were triple tracked and I added stereo 
reverb (vocals panned left-ish and reverb panned right-ish) Also EQ'd 
them by dropping the lows and a fair bit and adding a touch at the top 

> Keep up the good work!
> Bal
> www.thirdson.tk - new song : "The Earth Turns Around"

Another great effort - you mixes always seem "right"  -  I can't get it 
yet - it's  as though my version of ProTools Free has 2 pre-set volume 
settings -  too loud and too soft.

I'll keep at it.  You vocals are also much cleaner than mine, but I'm 
putting that down to a better mic and firewire sound input vs soundcard 

Thanks again for the input


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