[doggiebox] Clipping & Distortion on AIFF Export

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Sat Feb 8 20:55:05 EST 2003

Hey Brett,

>First off, let me say how amazing doggiebox is. It's really made me a
>happy home studio geek.

Awesome :-D

>Now, the problem: I've noticed that when programming fills in, or two
>successive snare hits (as in 16th note hits one right after the other),
>it seems to clip or distort badly, but only after it's exported to an

I've had a couple other reports of this as well.  In a word, I don't
think it's your fault :)

The challenge currently is how to mix the output signal so that it stays
at a nominally loud level, without clipping things.  I'm currently using
the system stereo mixer AudioUnnit to attenuate the input by several dB
before output, and empirical testing has shown it to generally work. 
However, I still need to improve this more.

Obviously, the more sounds that happen at any given time (added
together), the greater the output signal will be, and generally this
means the greater the dynamic range of the output as a whole.  In
principle we should likely compress the output, rather than simply
attenuate by a factor that varies with the number of drums, but in
practice I still have to figure out the best way to do this.  (FWIW, I
was originally using the system dynamics processor AudioUnit to compress,
but Apple broke this under 10.2.3 -- which is why 1A5 stopped working.)

Anyway.  If you could e-mail me off-list your files (song file, kit file,
and a snippet of the export where there is clipping), it will give me
something to test and play with.  Thanks!


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