[doggiebox] 10.1

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Mon Feb 10 14:42:06 EST 2003

Thanks to those of you who replied re the 10.1 problems,

It occurred to me what the problem might be -- the default install
location is /Applications/Doggiebox, and since the Applications folder is
owned by an admin group, the installer might have had problems writing
there without authenticating as an admin.

Anyway, I've also realised that there are other implications with using
the PackageMaker-built installer format; for example the system keeps a
record of the installed package and its version, and will warn you with
subsequent installs if the version numbers conflict -- even if you've
deleted the package and its related files from your system in the interim.

So the upshot is, I'm just going to Stuffit everything (like with all
previous builds) in the future.  The Installer package was an interesting
experiment. :)

Meanwhile you can safely do this from a Terminal to get rid of the
installer package detritus, if you desire:

rm -Rf /Library/Receipts/Doggiebox-1A7.pkg


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