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Ben Kennedy ben at
Mon Feb 10 17:07:51 EST 2003

On 09 2 2003 at 8:30 am -0500, François Rayer wrote:

>So as musician, I downloaded it and play a little with it. These are 
>the feedback and ideas I got about it, I hope this might help to make 
>this thing to become ZeGreatThing ;-)

Hey François,

Thanks a lot for the feedback, I appreciate it, and I'm glad you are
having fun with Doggie :)

All of your ideas are right on point; here are my thoughts:

>You might propose to the user to set one instrument per line (on the 
>left side of the bars) and so adding/removing a beat is just a click on 
>the right place in the instruments/beats matrix. To keep the thing 
>readable it's better if it adds the symbol of the instrument (like you 
>do now).

Yep, I tend to agree.  Originally, my goal was to simplify the whole grid
by causing various drums to share spots -- for example, cymbals and hi
hats which wouldn't typically be hit at the same time.  However, I
realise this does create extra hassle for quickly adding/removing things.

As it happens, doing what you've illustrated in the JPEG is very much
what I've had in mind for the near future.  I am thinking of having a
switchable mode, so that you can either use the current behaviour
(compact five-line grid) or switch so that every instrument shows up in
its own space... and then have the drum kit list/palette follow the mouse
around so that it always appears to the left of the current row, in line
with the grid currently being edited.

Also, functions related to this:  providing option-click to erase the
current drum, regardless of what it is; and control-click for more
options (as you suggest).

>2. The ability to name a set of bars is fine, I would like to be able 
>to sequence them as the song need it, without copying it.

Yeah, I hear you on this; that's also on the idea list.  Seems it would
be cool if you could copy a section in the section list, and paste it in
somewhere else, so that it functions like an alias to the first one.  I
am thinking that the bars would show up in the editor like usual, but
with an indication that they are actually an alias for a pre-existing
section elsewhere in the song -- any changes made to one would be made
also to the original.  Or, it could be locked so that changes could only
be made to the original.

>3. The granularity feature is fine but should be manageable by bar to 
>keep a more compact interface.

In principle, I understand where you are coming from on this, and I think
there is room for improvement.  However, I'm wondering how to implement
it in a way that would not cause widespread confusion. :)  I think the
first step is that I need to indicate, on a per-bar basis somehow, what
the current granularity is -- i.e. what duration of note that a given
beat division represents.

>4. As a general remark, most of Mac users like the CTRL click (or right 
>click) because it's fast. Many functions might be implemented that way 
>and so being context sensitive (when you right click on a bar you get 
>bar menu, on an instrument a menu about the instrument...)

Exact; I foresee the power here, and I just haven't had time to flesh it
out yet.  For example, I envision control-click to provide a velocity
slider, so that you can alter the volume of a given drum/cymbal hit, etc.

>That's it for today :-) I will play a little more with this demo and 
>perhaps come back to you with more feedback.

Awesome; I love the suggestions, and look forward to your other ideas.

By the way, I am copying this to the mailing list so people can get an
idea what is is lying ahead; hope you don't mind!


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