[doggiebox] Keyboard shortcuts for hide/minimize?

Eric Bailey ebailey at cs.stanford.edu
Mon Feb 10 14:49:56 EST 2003

I have to second this.  I frequently use cmd-H and cmd-Tab (though 
never cmd-M) to rapidly switch between programs while keeping my screen 
relatively clutter free.  Apps that don't follow these guidelines are a 
cause for constant irritation.  I'm a big supporter of UI uniformity 
for basic conventions.

Photoshop is another app that doesn't play nice with the HIG, sending 
me hunting for the appropriate key combo, and, 90% of the time, I end 
up pulling down the Application menu to find it. (I don't use the app 
all that often, so I never remember the key combo).

Apple should have used more modifiers in assigning their commands.  I'm 
guessing they didn't in the interest of keeping things simple for the 
average user.  It's a price we're going to have to pay on OSX, as both 
users and developers; they won't be changing these any time soon so as 
not to break functionality in existing apps.

My 2 cents,

On Monday, February 10, 2003, at 02:13  PM, Bret Van Horn wrote:

> I see your side of the argument very clearly as a programmer. But as a 
> user,
> I find it frustrating when apps have variations on a common key command
> between them. It's just one more thing I have to 'remember' when I'm 
> trying
> to focus on the task at hand. I agree that the real solution should 
> involve
> Apple modifying the key command universally. But since many apps 
> already use
> the Cmd-H or Cmd-M to hide an app, it seems like the unfortunate 
> outcome is
> to follow that convention, no matter how ludicrous it seems.
> HTH,
> -Bret
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> Subject: [doggiebox] Keyboard shortcuts for hide/minimize?
>> People,
>> I would like to solicit your opinions on something.
>> A user has written me requesting a keyboard shortcut for the 'hide
>> application' function that is available in the Application menu.
>> According to Apple's Human Interface Guidelines, apps should publish 
>> this
>> as cmd-H, and similarly, the 'minimize window' function as cmd-M.
>> Here is what I wrote back to him just now:
>>> The one issue is this:  I personally have a grudge against apple's 
>>> choice
>>> of cmd-M and cmd-H for minimize and hide; they are such plain and 
>>> useful
>>> key combos that I feel app developers should be free to use them for 
>>> main
>>> app functions.  So I am inclined to assign a more obscure key combo, 
>>> like
>>> ctrl-cmd-H, to that function instead of just cmd-H.   What is your 
>>> take
>>> on that?  Do you feel that the Hide function should stick with the 
>>> apple
>>> guidelines and be simply cmd-H, or would it be reasonable for me to
>>> assign something more obscure?
>> As it happens, a similar discussion happened only last week on the
>> mailing list for my e-mail client of choice (PowerMail), and here is 
>> what
>> I wrote at the time:
>>> In my opinion, Apple has really screwed up with their 
>>> recommendations for
>>> cmd-M = minimize to dock and cmd-H = hide application.  I agree, they
>>> should have chosen more obscure shortcuts, laden with modifiers, to
>>> accomplish these tasks.  Not only do I personally rarely ever have a
>>> desire to invoke the functions, but the "vanilla" keycodes are 
>>> already a
>>> scarce resouce for app developers (there are only 26 letters of the 
>>> roman
>>> alphabet after all, many of which are in use for ubiquitous functions
>>> like open, save, close, etc).
>>> Personally, in applications I'm developing 
>>> (http://www.doggiebox.com) I
>>> am deliberately ignoring the HIG in this regard.  I will assign the 
>>> main
>>> menu keys as I see fit, and I will only consider rearranging them to
>>> support Apple's weird ideals if I start to receive user feedback on 
>>> the
>>> subject.
>> I actually posted that in response to another user, who was 
>> commenting on
>> the latest PowerMail's implementing the cmd-M for minimize (which till
>> then was assigned to a more useful function, in fact, "send mail").  
>> As
>> he so eloquently put it,
>>> "Minimize Window" is misleading! Please rename it to "Suck to Dock"
>>> and change its shortcut to command+shift+option+control+Suck.
>> I had to have a hearty laugh in agreement on that one.
>> Thoughts?
>> -ben
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