Doggie box instrument icons, etc

Michael Carlyle mcarlyle at
Mon Feb 10 18:21:37 EST 2003

First, Thanks to Ben and all concerned for what is a fantastic start to a
potentially life-changing product (for me anyway). I've been programming a
Boss DR-550 MKII for over 12 years and I have been on the lookout for a
graphical-based computer alternative for just about that entire time.

I've only been using Doggiebox for a couple of days. I have one thought on
the instrument icons.

Unless I'm missing something, when I build a new kit (something I plan to do
using some Boss sounds) the default icon is the little snare drum. There is
a choose button that, I suppose, is meant to allow one to browse to a custom
icon that the user (me, for example) could create.

The documentation seems to lack a technical description of those icon's
properties (file format, size, color depth, etc.). I could see myself making
icons and using them, if only I knew those properties.

I'd like to propose that you explore a drag and drop window or sheet that
contains all of your default icons. I would have no problem using the
default versions if I could find out where they lived.

More later.

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