[doggiebox] Doggie box instrument icons, etc

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Mon Feb 10 18:40:48 EST 2003

On 10 2 2003 at 6:21 pm -0500, Michael Carlyle wrote:

>The documentation seems to lack a technical description of those icon's
>properties (file format, size, color depth, etc.). I could see myself making
>icons and using them, if only I knew those properties.

Yeah, the documentation completely lacks anything on the drum kit editor.
 It is my intention to flesh this out a bit before releasing 1.0.1. 
Hopefully within the next few days... hopefully.  (I wish I could
duplicate myself sometimes.)

Anyway, as it stands, here's the lowdown on drum icons:  they can be of
any graphics format that Quicktime can natively parse (JPEG, GIF, TIFF,
PDF, etc) and will be scaled down as necessary.  The de facto ideal size
is currently 18x18.

>I'd like to propose that you explore a drag and drop window or sheet that
>contains all of your default icons. I would have no problem using the
>default versions if I could find out where they lived.

You *should* be able to open up Ben's Premier Kit in the drum kit editor,
and simply drag the icons out of those drums into your new drums.  I say
"should", because currently you can't, and that kind of sucks.  It's
purely a user-interface issue that I need to address.  In the mean time I
can send you a .sit of PDF's containing my icons if you like.  :)


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