[doggiebox] Re: Doggiebox feedback

Michael Carlyle mcarlyle at charter.net
Mon Feb 10 19:03:51 EST 2003

On 2/10/03 6:48 PM, "Eric Bailey" <ebailey at cs.stanford.edu> wrote:

> These are all very cool ideas that I would love to see implemented.
> Additionally, I think there is a great opportunity for enhancing the
> sequencing abilities of Doggiebox.  The interface focus could change,
> making the process of creating drum parts much easier.
> Basically, you'd base the entire editing interface on a song section
> (to use the terminology from the Doggiebox section marker list).  Edits
> are made one section at a time, and all sections still appear in the
> section list.

I've already begun using two songs as a workaround to accomplish this very
thing. I'll plan and polish in a short, easy-to-see-everything window, then
copy and paste in to the appropriate location in the soon-to-be-finished
song window.

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