just some ideas...

Justin M. kabababoy at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 16 01:13:55 EST 2003

I haven't been able to use the new build yet because of the package 
problem...which is odd, since I'm set up as the admin and haven't had the 
problem before...but here are just a few questions/comments from a guitarist 
using doggiebox with a home studio.

1) I think someone else might have mentioned individual volume controls for 
each drum, but I'd like to expand a little on that, since I'm not sure 
exactly what they had in mind. I'd like to see the controls set in the score 
itself, and what would be even handier is a crescendo feature of some sort 
so that I could do something like have a snare or kick beat grow louder to 
lead into a chorus. If that makes sense...I'm obviously not as up on some of 
the technical aspects, and I suspect a lot of people like me would like a 
feature like that rather than setting an individual volume on each drumbeat, 
which is the only other way I could think of to do it.

2) When I'm adding bars, the bars always come in at the beginning...it's not 
too much of a problem now that I plan for it, but I pretty much just sit 
down with a short sketch of the song on headphones and map out how I want to 
do the drums, and since I'm never sure of how many bars the song actually 
has, it becomes a bit of a problem when I realize I'm short. I also had some 
trouble copying and pasting measures...I can't remember if it took out the 
entire bar or how it worked when I tried (I pretty much just gave up, I have 
a short a attention span), but it would be great if there were separate 
features to copy and paste both the bar itself or just the contents of the 
bar into another bar...again, if that makes sense.

3) Have you thought about adding stereo functionality to individual drum 
lines? It might be there and I'm missing it...I haven't had a chance to play 
with the program as much as I'd like. But it would be nice to be able to pan 
a drum into the left or right channel instead of having everything centered. 
I've found some ways to deal with that in mixing, but I've recently 
regressed from using ProTools to using my trusty Tascam (I don't know why, I 
just prefer analog recording, even on a four-track) and so I don't have the 
luxury of nearly limitless tracks like I used to.

4) I might be the only one with the problem, but my computer does something 
weird when I try to export to .aiff...basically it tells me it's been 
exported, and it will then sit there until I force it to cancel. If I cancel 
too early, the .aiff doesn't play. I'm not sure what the time limit I have 
to let it sit there is...something more than five minutes and less than an 

5) Are there or will there be more possible sounds on the registered 
version? As I've said, I'm not a drummer, and I won't be importing any 
sounds myself...some things like brush work and stuff like that would be 

6) I think maybe someone has mentioned this, but it would be nice if there 
was a separate selector on the left for things like the muted snares and so 
on rather than using the pull down menus.

Just some thoughts, like I said...this is a great program and I'm amazed at 
how realistic a sound you can get from it. My main problem with using drum 
tracks and so on is they always sound like a drum machine, and I don't get 
that feeling nearly as much with doggiebox. Apologies in advance for 
anything I've mentioned that's already gone through the idea wringer.


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