[doggiebox] No sounds, had to force quit...

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Wed Jan 22 20:29:19 EST 2003

On 08 1 2003 at 10:13 am -0500, Gavin and Danica wrote:

>Hi Ben,
>This is what shows up in the console log.
>Not sure how to specify a target.  1A4 works fine.
>I am sending you the song but I only created it this morning.  It really
>doesn't matter what beats I put in or what kit I use.  This one was using
>your Premier kit.  I will also send you Phil's 707 kit. 

Hey Gavin,

Remember this thread?  To be honest, I can't remember what the exact
problem was that we were trying to solve, but the song you sent plays
back fine in 1A7 (about to be posted probably tomorrow or the next day),
so I'd say wait till then and see if your problems are solved. :)

FWIW, it seems that the Roland kit has blank icons for some of the drums.
 By blank, I don't mean absent, but I mean transparent.  There's new code
in 1A7 to add default icons to drums that don't have any set, but when I
open up the Roland kit, a good portion of the drums still show nothing,
which means DB thinks there are icons there for em.  It's possible that
DB is being buggy, and I can investigate the kit in further detail, but
can the creator of the Roland kit confirm or deny this? :)


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