Doggiebox news, and 1A7 (1.0g) now online!

Ben Kennedy ben at
Thu Jan 30 20:48:15 EST 2003

Greetings all,

I am pleased to announce Doggiebox build 1A7, hopefully the last build in
the "pre-release" series!  You'll notice a bit of a revamped look in this
one; here are what's new and changed:

    - At long last, there are document icons! Many thanks to Scott
Bremner for graphic design. 
    - The preferences dialog has been revamped, with several new options. 
    - There is now support for multi-line bar layout, with a user-
specified number of bars per line. 
    - It is now possible to choose whether to create a new untitled song
on startup. 
    - It is now possible to disable the playback position indicator. 
    - The behaviour of selection highlighting and the insertion point has
been changed slightly, to more closely match the behaviour of a text
editor: when one or more bars are selected, the insertion point disappears. 
    - Added recognition for AIFF sound files ending in ".aif" (in
addition to ".aiff"). 
    - The drum kit editor will now post an alert when trying to import a
sound of an unsuitable sample rate. 
    - Drums are now assigned a default sound and icon in the absence of
any being defined in the drum kit editor. 
    - Fixed bug where drum sounds would not play back when auditioned in
the drum kit editor. 
    - Registration key system introduced, along with a revised About box
and application icon.

Download now from

Please note that this one is distributed as an Installer package, which
you should be able to double-click to automatically install into your /
Applications (or wherever) folder.  If you run into any problems with it,
please let me know.

As usual, all problem reports and feature suggestions are welcome,
particularly to this mailing list; if all goes well, we will announce the
"1.0 final" next week.

Late last fall we ran a short survey of Doggiebox users, and all
respondents were eligible to be randomly chosen to win free Doggiebox
licences.  The response was great and we drew five names at random from
the database; congratulations to:

    Rob Hunter (San Diego, CA, USA)
    Paul Norman (Cambridge, MA, USA)
    Robert Koble (Clifton, NJ, USA)
    Etienne Beaupré (Montreal, QC, Canada)
    Gavin Mahan (San Diego, CA, USA)

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback!


Ben Kennedy, chief magician
zygoat creative technical services
613-228-3392 | 1-866-466-4628

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