[doggiebox] Tempo problem

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Thu Jul 3 14:54:54 EDT 2003

On 30 6 2003 at 6:40 pm -0400, Mike Carlyle wrote:

>The song I'm working on is just over three minutes long, and I had 
>about three or four hours into the programming. For no reason at all, I 
>played with the "Master Tempo" slider. I set it back to 100%  then did 
>a save.
>When I exported a wav file to check the patterns in Cubase, I noticed 
>an immediate problem with Tempo. I went back to DB, and saw that the 
>slider still read 100%. There is no chance that I exported while the 
>slider said anything other than 100%.


As I play with the slider, I find there are about two "notches" where the
display will read 100%.  In other words, since the slider is more than
100 pixels wide altogether, there are some spots which represent a
fractional amount of one per cent (i.e. there is not a 1-to-1 mapping
between pixels and percentage).  Is it possible that you put the slider
back to an almost-but-not-quite 100% setting?

Incidentally, you can option-click on the slider to return it to 100%.

Some brief testing here with a short song shows no such variance in the
total output duration after screwing around with the slider, but I will
do some more detailed testing in case there is in fact some subtle
problem with the slider.


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