[doggiebox] Kit building feature request

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Thu Jul 10 16:52:00 EDT 2003

On 08 7 2003 at 7:34 pm -0400, Mike Carlyle wrote:

>How hard would it be to include an "export sound" button in the kit 
>building window? Sometimes, when building a kit, or modifying another's 
>kit, it is neccessary to tweak a sound and import it back into a 
>revised DB kit.

Yes, absolutely.  This will definitely be present in the next revision of
the kit editor, which is one of the next things I am going to tackle. 
Same idea for the drum icons, as right now you can't export/reuse the
graphics without first having them in external files, which is a nuisance.

>Having said all that, it would be a redundant feature if you decided 
>that it was worthwhile to implement the export of discreet drum sounds 
>from a song file. In other words, I could more easily post process the 
>sounds if they could be exported as separate wave files, making the 
>"export sound" button not as important.

I want to eventually add this support too, with some kind of mixing
controls for soloing or muting drums in the mix.  I think both of these
features, while similar, would both be hugely useful in their own right
and not particularly redundant.

>I appreciate you listening. I hope others are finding the application 
>as useful and rewarding to use as I am. I'm getting pretty good reviews 
>from the folks that I've either programmed tracks for, or who have 
>heard my stuff in songs.

Awesome!  I love hearing this kind of feedback, and I appreciate the
continued support and enthusiasm.  Rest assured that all of the
suggestions and ideas are taken to heart -- my response on incorporating
things tends to be slow sometimes (especially recently) but that's not
due to lack of interest or desire!


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