[doggiebox] A nice article on programming drums

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Tue Jul 15 11:35:00 EDT 2003

At 19:35 02/07/2003, Michael Carlyle wrote:
>A lot of the tips in this article ring very true. I hope someone finds it 

That's got some good ideas that I wouldn't have thought of, or had an idea 
of how to implement, on my own.  I've been wondering whether there would be 
utility to put some sort of "auto-humanization" feature in Doggie that 
would sprinkle just a _little_ bit of irregularity in terms of timing and 
velocity through a selected section or song.  I'm not quite sure how that 
would work, or whether it would, but it would be interesting to see.

The article's discussion of making up a "master pattern" from which to 
create variations brings to mind a way to organize a "pattern/fill pallette 
library" in Doggiebox.  I am imagining a little pallette window showing a 
list of master patterns like "Rock Pattern A", "Slow Jazz Rhythm", "That 
Little Snare Fill I Like", "That Riff I Lifted from That Song My Kids 
Listen To". Then perhaps contextually clicking the name of a given master 
pattern would reveal variations on that pattern: "Rock Pattern A1", "Rock 
Pattern A2", "Rock Pattern A with ride instead of hi-hat", etc.  That might 
make a convenient way of categorizing related patterns and fills.  Of 
course, one could always ignore this feature if one only was interested in 
a few master patterns, or perhaps the sort of "open this drawer" approach 
could be used to categorize a collection of patterns and fills in different 
ways ....


Carl Edlund Anderson
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