[doggiebox] multiple kits in a song?

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Thu Jul 17 21:32:49 EDT 2003

On jueves, juli 17, 2003, at 17:14 Europe/London, Michael Carlyle wrote:
> Will sounds from different kits mute each other out when played in the 
> same song? I can't remember.

I would think that two snare hits from the same sample on different 
kits should either combine to produce an at least louder sound OR, with 
the inclusion of a "humanization" feature, they wouldn't occur at quite 
the same time and velocity, making it sound much like two different 
people had just tried to hit two identical snare drums at the same time 
(presumably giving you the sound of a slight chorus effect thanks to 
the slight discrepancy in timing and velocity).  And hey: maybe your 
two kits have different snares :)

> I would find that editing patterns containing 12 to 24 instruments 
> could be quite daunting.

Granted, but if I'm trying to imitate the effect of 2 or 3 
drummers/kits playing together, I thought it would be easier to do 
within one song file rather than assemble the different parts in 
different song files (after all, if my 2 or 3 drummers were real, 
they'd be able to hear each other when playing, so I want to hear them 
together when composing :)  And keeping the "section" grouped into 
their own "kits" would help impose some measure of order.  One could, 
say, "collapse" individual kits if one weren't working on them at the 
moment, so as not to be distracted.

And perhaps working from the concept of various master patterns in ye 
olde pattern library (once assembled), one could actually rough out 
some multiple drummer/kit songs without _too_ much pain ....

I find the grouping style of kit>instrument fairly handy, since it 
helps do things like remind me that a naturalistic effect shouldn't 
have a drummer with 3 hands :) and it does save on screen real estate 
(which will be pressured by adding additional kits anyway) but I've 
become enamored of the idea of having multiple virtual doggies pounding 
away on multiple virtual kits within a single song file :)


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