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dpwalsh6 at dpwalsh6 at
Fri Jul 18 16:22:46 EDT 2003

Hi, though i've done little programming in doggiebox i am excited by its potential.  i've seen a few emails asking for some stuff that when implemented would really make this already unique program sing.  so i thought i'd toss my hat into the ring and ask about the keboard mapping feature mentioned in the upcomming improvements.  for those of us with little actual drum programming experience being able to assign a kit to the keyboard of my laptop and tap in beats like a regular drum machine would be great.  also it would help those of us without step writing experience to see what these tapped in beats looked like.  it's very easy to assume that once you've done this for a while the patterns would start to sink in and the tapping would eventually lead to real programming.  damn, it would almost end up being a teaching tool!  well, that's just my 2 cents.  thanks for listening and all the great suggestions, resources and tips so far.

dan walsh


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