Version 1.0.4 beta finally

Ben Kennedy ben at
Wed Jul 23 19:10:39 EDT 2003

Hi all,

It's been too long since there has been any news on the Doggiebox
front... so I am finally pleased today to post a new beta build.  This
collects some minor improvements I began working on several weeks ago
(before I got sidetracked with lots of summer musical events and other
projects), and the like.

What's new:

- Fixed bug where some Undo functions would not work on a newly created
song file.
- Fixed bug where importing or exporting sounds would fail when the
filename contained non-standard characters.
- Added collapse-to-mono toggle button. (NOTE: does not yet save in song file)
- Improved responsiveness of user interface and position indicator after
stopping playback.
- Improved alert messages (such as 'Cannot find "(null)"') shown when a
drum kit is missing or unavailable.

Grab it at <>


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