Tempo problem

Mike Carlyle mcarlyle at charter.net
Mon Jun 30 19:40:52 EDT 2003

To emphasize the importance of doing a "save as" backup of your work, 
and also to point out a potential bug, I offer the following tale:

I'm currently doing some drum program for a guy in VA. I'm working from 
CD's he mailed me, and I'm using Doggiebox to fill in drums on audio 
tracks that came off the CD's . I'm using Cubase to put things together 
and check my programming.

The song I'm working on is just over three minutes long, and I had 
about three or four hours into the programming. For no reason at all, I 
played with the "Master Tempo" slider. I set it back to 100%  then did 
a save.

When I exported a wav file to check the patterns in Cubase, I noticed 
an immediate problem with Tempo. I went back to DB, and saw that the 
slider still read 100%. There is no chance that I exported while the 
slider said anything other than 100%.

I was able to open a backup song file, then copy the changed patterns 
from my (now bad) song file into it. Problem solved.

I think there may be something wrong with the way the slider works. I'd 
advise "hands off" unless you know what you may end up with. Do a 

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