[doggiebox] Export Audio broken?

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Mon Mar 3 01:34:41 EST 2003

Mike, good catch... turns out this was due to an obscure set of
circumstances that only came to light when the project was built with
full optimization settings (all of the previous builds have been with
debug settings).

I've fixed the problem and re-posted the 1.0.1 archive.  Go and download
it again, and export should work once again.  The fixed one is identified
in the about box as build 1A9 (the original 1.0.1 posting of earlier
today was 1A8).

I haven't had time to post an announcement yet (my weekend has been
absolutely crazy), so... I'll do that properly tomorrow.  :)

Thanks for the report though! Hopefully we caught this before too many
other people had downloaded it.


On 02 3 2003 at 5:51 pm -0500, Mike Carlyle wrote:

>Found the new 1.0.1 version on the website today. Kudos on the new look 
>Looks like some very "under the good" stuff was changed, from reading 
>the revision history, One thing I notice right away was that Export 
>Audio no longer responds in any way at all. No dialog results from 
>selecting it while a song is open (or closed, I would assume).
>Fortunately, I still have my rev "g" hanging around and must continue 
>to use it.

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