[doggiebox] Inporting Different kits

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Tue Mar 4 00:09:30 EST 2003

On 24,02,03 at 10:01 pm -0500, Pop-Cycle wrote:

>I'm going to try to ask this question the best I know how. Please 
>forgive My lack of knowledge this is all so new.

No problem; welcome to the list!  And pardon the late replies.

>I want to add new drum sounds to Doggie Box. Do these have to be 
>certain kind of files. Such As Aiff, Wav, Mp3, Midi,

Yes; aiff, wav, iff, voc, etc. are supported (see the docs for a complete
list, or the Export Audio dialog pop-up menus).  However, a caveat is
that they must all currently be 44.1 khz sample rate files.  Doggiebox
should warn you if you attempt to import a sound that does not meet the

Are you getting a warning or other message?  Can you describe the problem
you're having?

>I have a folder that has .ds extensions. Is there a way I can use these?

As Phil replied, no you can't; it's probably a BitHeadz proprietary
format.  Try converting (somehow?) to some other format instead.


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