[doggiebox] Re: resolution increase & sampling

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Tue Mar 4 00:12:50 EST 2003

On 11,02,03 at 8:15 am -0500, Steve McNally wrote:

>Open a song. Double-click a bar that has notes in it. Time sig dialog 
>comes up.
>Change the existing time sig from 4/4 (e.g.) to 8/8.
>The original notes stay in "their original position" rather than into 
>the correct beats in time. It would be much preferable if increasing 
>resolution would keep the original beat specified intact.

Hi Steve,

I understand what you're getting at now.

However, this might be more complicated in practice when you consider the
ramifications of different time signatures... for example, how would you
handle a change from 4/4 to 3/8?  Or from 7/4 to 2/2 ?


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