[doggiebox] Audible "click" after importing new drums

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Tue Mar 4 00:15:23 EST 2003

On 15,02,03 at 3:49 pm -0500, Michael Carlyle wrote:

>When I build a new kit and import these sounds, most every one has a "click"
>at it's tail end. I've double checked all the files I imported by viewing
>and listening to them in an external editor. The original files are clean,
>with no "clicks" or "pops".
>I must therefore conclude that Doggiebox is somehow adding this "tail pop"
>as I import the sounds.

I forget if I replied to you earlier on this issue or not.

If I didn't, then to state the obvious, this is bad and shouldn't be
happening :)  Would you mind sending me (off-list) an example I can test
with? (source audio file, plus a .dbkit with the same sound imported)

(If you already DID send me a sample, pardon me, and I will check it out
ASAP -- I'm on the road with my ibook right now; most everything else is
on my G4.)


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