The AIFF problem

Ben Kennedy ben at
Fri Mar 21 13:42:34 EST 2003


Delving into this AIFF-output compatibility issue, it's starting to
become apparent that there is likely a problem with both the Finder and
BIAS Peak and Deck.

I received this from BIAS tech support:

>Known issue in Peak:
>The open dialogue will often not allow you to open certain "legal" file type.
>work around: set file type in open dialog to "all documents" NOT "all 
>known documents" or drag the file onto the Peak icon.

Now, I still don't know why the Finder is sometimes showing Doggiebox's
AIFF files as type AIFC.  The files themselves do not contain any AIFC
chunk, nor is the filename extension ".aifc".  I don't know why the
Finder wants to think they are AIFC.

So in practice, it seems like this is a Peak/Deck issue.  Question: has
anyone had problems using AIFF output in any OTHER applications besides


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