[doggiebox] Doggiebox and other instruments

Michael Garrett gigo at bigpond.net.au
Thu May 22 16:26:49 EDT 2003

Thanks for the feedback so far.  I had heard that Deck LE was buggy 
but I'm interested.  Also, Carl, I thought maybe one of those Zoom 
four trackers was a good way to go, as far as ease of use and minimal 
setup time,  but it may be more convenient in the long run to record 
straight into the computer since if you use Doggiebox they're going 
to be coming from there anyway,

Any other opinions are welcome.

Basically I am coming from Cubase VST and the LM4 drum plug-in which 
were great for electronic music but pretty horrible for trying to 
record live stuff when you get a good idea and just want to sketch 
something out. The LM4 had a horrible way of creating kits compared 
to Doggiebox, although I know it's been updated.  I guess I can more 
or less use LM4 kits in Doggiebox if I manually compile them, because 
they're just WAV's and AIFF's.


>Well, I've done a little bit, making demos of my songs for my band.  I
>convert my drum track to an .aiff file and then either play out into my
>Fostex four-track or the ProTools Free eight-track I downloaded some time
>back from the manufacturer.  It's been very nice and sounds pretty good.
>Hope to tinker some more with this over the next few months--I finally
>figured out how to do some simple fills, which makes a big difference!
>Plus, it's easier for me to work to an "actual" drum backing rather than
>play off of a click track.

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