[doggiebox] Doggiebox and other instruments

Michael Garrett gigo at bigpond.net.au
Fri May 23 01:31:42 EDT 2003

Thanks for passing on the details Michael.  I'm interested in 
upgrading my copy of Cubase VST to SL now that it's on OS X.  It 
seems like the way to go from what you guys have said is to create a 
stereo file out of Doggiebox and then take it into a multitrack 
program.  Is there any way of getting Doggiebox to run in tandem with 
programs like Cubase or Deck without committing to disk? Is this a 
feature that is being considered?  Something like Rewire, or the 
ability to use Doggiebox as an Audio Unit/VST plug-in (I'm sure this 
has been requested).


>The sample songs on the site were a couple that I had sent along to 
>Ben, just for kicks. He liked them and posted them, after checking 
>with me, of course. <snip>


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