[doggiebox] Doggiebox and other instruments

Frank Rubino frubino at adobe.com
Thu May 22 12:19:05 EDT 2003

Just to chime in- I've been using Doggiebox with Deck LE, exporting drums as
aiff and importing this file into the multitrack editor. I plug my
Danelectro Hodad directly into a 6-channel Behringer mixer and go from the
mixer into the mac's audio in. It sounds okay but but I've been looking at
some firewire audio interfaces by MOTU that should provide the nice sound
I'm looking for. Like someone else said on this list, I find it easier to
play along to a 'real' percussion track than to a click.

I have found that there is a bit of timing drift; i.e., I set the tempo of a
doggiebox song to 100, export the aiff, and import to Deck, with session
tempo = 100: the measure boundaries don't line up exactly the same. Maybe
this is Deck or maybe it's db, but I work around it by exporting measure by
measure from db.

Ben, Doggiebox is great!


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