[doggiebox] Doggiebox and other instruments

Count Rockula jpoprock at highgainmedia.com
Thu May 22 12:25:32 EDT 2003

I'm a Pro Tools user, and I asked the Pro Tools user forum about Doggie Box.
I've not yet even tried to mess with it. But plan to. Anyway, there were few
who knew about it, and a couple that did passed it off as very poor program
that can't get the job done in a professional manner. I haven't seen this
for myself. I don't know what their standards are though. It all sounds
WONDERFUL in concept.


> Oh, there was a general question about using ProTools.  The setup
> requirements are a pain in the ass (turn virtual memory off, set memory
> cache to something or other, etc.)--well, not that big a pain, but we all
> have things that get our (zy)goat <smirk>--so I haven't used it too much
> and don't have much to say about it yet.

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