[doggiebox] Doggiebox and other instruments

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Thu May 22 13:55:35 EDT 2003

On 23 5 2003 at 10:31 am -0400, Michael Garrett wrote:

>Is there any way of getting Doggiebox to run in tandem with 
>programs like Cubase or Deck without committing to disk? Is this a 
>feature that is being considered?  Something like Rewire, or the 
>ability to use Doggiebox as an Audio Unit/VST plug-in (I'm sure this 
>has been requested).

Yup, that suggestion has been raised before and it's a good one.  It
might be a while though because of some of the other things I want to hit
first (e.g. more flexible section manipulation, live tap input recording,
etc).  Furthermore I have no experience with VST or AU development so
I'll have to get educated on that first.  Glad you mentioned it though.


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