"How to do simple fills" (was Re: Doggiebox and other instruments)

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Fri May 23 11:14:53 EDT 2003

At 17:05 22/05/2003, Carl Freire wrote:
>The main thing to do to start you off is to--oh what is it called?--expand
>the beat range per measure (this is either Apple-= or Apple-] ).  I think I
>have it show 16 beats per measure.  Try tempo 120, 4/4, high hat every two
>beats: measure 1: bass hit at 1, snare at 6, bass 8, bass 12, snare 14;
>measure 2: bass 1, snare 6, snare 9, snare 10, bass 12, snare 14.  That's
>just a very simple one and I'm not sure I have the little snare filip on
>the right beats (don't forget to stop the high hat over the little snare
>thing--a real drummer could only do it with three hands!).  I did one
>that's a little more complicated, but without looking at the pattern I
>can't count it off for you.

Hmmm, I pretty much see what you mean, though perhaps you could do a 
screenshot or two of what you're doing in Doggiebox in OS X, and then (when 
in OS 9) post it somewhere (or send it to Ben for posting) as a kind of 
embryonic "Doggiebox tips & tricks" thing.

>I don't have separate files for "neat Max Roach fill 1," "Keith Moon freak
>out 2," "Markie Ramone bashalong 3," etc., and then try to mix them
>together.  Working out the pattern is complicated enough as it is . . .

Although a "Doggiebox sample library" with short little files of individual 
fill patterns, main rhythm pattens, and whatever, would be pretty cool.  A 
more advanced part of the "Doggiebox tips & tricks" thing :)


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