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Fri May 23 11:01:00 EDT 2003

One thing I try to do is this....I always add the 1-2-3-4 (I use the 
rim-shot or side-shot) at the beginning of the Doggiebox drum patten WHEN 
I'M BUILDING IT in Doggiebox, it then allows me to count-off the exact same 
way whenever I swap out drum tracks on a particular song. (I'm careful not 
to duplicate that opening bar -- i.e., the 1-2-3-4 count-off -- when cutting 
and pasting for an extended drum loop.)
After I have a basic (i.e., repetitive) drum pattern imported into Pro 
Tools, I'll record the guitars, vocals, etc.  Then, after the basic song 
structure is in place, I'll go back to the original Doggiebox file (which 
still has the 1-2-3-4 count-off intro), make changes to the body of the file 
adding fills, crashes, etc.. at points where the song needs it, then import 
that newly revised drum track into Pro Tools. (If you do it on a new track, 
and leave the original drum track in place, you can mute all other tracks 
and listen to see if the two drum tracks are in sync. They should be.)

Then I delete the first repetitive drum track, and also delete the 1-2-3-4 
count-off  prior to mixing out to the Master Mix.

>From: Carl Edlund Anderson <cea at carlaz.com>
>To: Doggiebox <doggiebox at lists.zygoat.ca>
>Subject: Re: [doggiebox] Doggiebox and other instruments
>Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 10:02:31 +0100
>At 18:31 22/05/2003, Hermiteer wrote:
>> > I have a (now rather old) Roland VS-1680 and Doggiebox is my drummer
>> > :)  For my set-up, the best technique _seems_ to be to assemble a basic
>> > percussion track in Doggiebox, export it as an AIFF, playback the AIFF 
>> > record it on the 1680, then record guitars, etc. on top of that.  The 
>> > is that I often want to change the details of the percussion track as I
>> > work on the song (add fill here, extra cymbal there), but it's 
>>difficult to
>> > synchronize the start of play to rerecord the drum track directly (thus 
>> > MIDI feature requests some weeks back :)  It works out (at present) a
>> > little easier to simply slap a whole new AIFF over the original 
>> > track on the 1680 to get it on the machine and roughly in place, and 
>> > "nudge" the whole thing into synchronization with the other
>> > instruments.  It's still a little tedious, but not impossible.
>>I do basically the same thing, except that I've found it invaluable to add 
>>measure of "count off" cymbal hits before the drum track starts.  This
>>ensures that the other tracks start at the right time and allows you to 
>>out the drum track with no ill effects on the timing of the other tracks.
>Well, I generally add "count off" hits at the beginning anyway, just so I 
>can tell when to start playing the other instruments when overdubbing :)  
>But I kind of see what you mean, except that if I were swapping out the 
>whole drum track, I wouldn't be able to hear the count off if it were part 
>of the rest of the drum track that was being swapped out (assuming I read 
>what you're doing right).  In any case, the trick for me is to always get 
>the drum track starting at Time N, where N is however many units of time 
>measurement into recording process the music is supposed to start.
>I suppose, though, if I just think of the the Play button itself as just 
>another instrument, if I recorded a separate count-off on a separate track 
>from the "real percussion tracks", I could use that as my aural cue for 
>1-2-3-4-Go, pressing play on "Go" :)  That ought to result in a new 
>percussion track that is _pretty_ closing in timing to the one that's being 
>replaced (and I could always then shift the resulting new drum track a few 
>units of time one way or another from the VS-1680's interface).  Might be 
>able to skip the AIFF step that way ....  Kind of obvious, when I think 
>about it :)
>But that's why I asked some while ago about adding MIDI features in 
>Doggiebox: so that I could essentially slave it to the MIDI time clock on 
>the VS-1680, meaning that, at the appropriate moment, the 1680 would tell 
>Doggiebox "Go!" and go Doggiebox would, the same time, everytime.
>Carl Edlund Anderson
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