[doggiebox] Looking for a killer metal kit

Hermiteer hermiteer at hotmail.com
Fri May 23 18:34:44 EDT 2003

> I'm not a lawyer ( and I don't even play one on TV) but I think the
> sharing of commercially available drum sounds is a no no for someone in
> Ben's position. That is, I wouldn't be posting these files on a website
> if I were he, and I'm sure he won't.

Commercially sampled drum sounds put into a doggiebox kit I suspect would be
bad news.  However, if someone just miked one of their drums, recorded it
(and other bits) and put those into a doggiebox kit it is no problem.  This
is probably redundant because I'm that's exactly what Ben did for the sample
kit we all get.
> My humble suggestion would be to not use this list for those types of
> communications, if anyone had a mind to. You've all got each others
> email addresses  (wink wink). Sorry if I'm putting words in any mouths.

I have only one email address, and I use it only for legimate purposes :)
> As for the double bass concept, what is the difference between each
> bass drum in a kit like this? Couldn't a person program double bass
> patterns using any old Doggiebox kit? What would a the second drum in a
> "double bass" Doggiebox kit look like?

Nothing, that's what I get for not thinking my question through before
clicking 'Send'.  I specified double bass because 1) I like saying the
phrase 'double bass' and 2) I think it helps clarify the sound I'm looking

You are completely right that the single kick drum is sufficient for
emulation double bass, unless someone wants to specify a stereo separation
for the two.  In which case you can use the same sample twice and just
change the positioning.



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